* sound: GOING with OUR SOLAR WIND

I use beautiful and meaningful music — risking their integrity; aspiring for clarity.

The sound of this DVD is very different from my other projects. Let me share some ideas about three sources and how I sculpted them.
The first source had its origins in NASA’s Voyager 1 and 2. Many of us are aware that both missions left the Earth in 1977, and now are the first objects from Earth to have left our solar system. NASA’s Golden Record, along with an instructional manual how to play it, contained both images and sounds that would inform future Terrestials and Extras about our planet. Once again, heroic Carl Sagan chaired the committee that made the selections. In turn, I selected “Sounds of Earth”. My favorite may be Bubbling Mud.
The second source of sound was

Blind Willie Johnson’s

Dark is the Night,

Cold was the Ground. In 1927, Johnson recorded this haunting gospel-blues that has been known in the American South since at least 1792. When I first entered his priceless sound, it became a cherished forest for Life! (Hearing a purple passage of Ansel Adams. “…a stirring of some world-magic of most delicate persuasion.”* Possibly, Dr. Sagan had the same experience. For now, Blind Willie’s richly raspy voice and his enchanted slide guitar work sails towards the Andromeda galaxy.

My copy of

Dark is the Night

comes from a relationship with the DC Public Library and Freegal (Free and Legal) Music. You will hear Willie Johnson throughout most of 54 minutes of the DVD.


Escape Earth? Not to be pulled back? One must travel near to 7 miles a second. The third source of sound was conceived as a massive engine that could help a person escape the pull of their mental gravity — and enter Dreamland, or at least, Cinelandia. I decided to layer some of my favorites so they could be enjoyed simultaneously. I began with the first 24 seconds of Claudio Monteverde‘s Toccata from L’Orpheo.

Premier Deuxieme Troisieme GymnopedieErik Satie

a portion of

Music On a Long Wire

with some slight layering —

Alvin Lucier

Solea All Blue Blue In Green Will O’ the WispGil Evans/Miles Davis

Six Pieces for Large OrchestraAnton Webern Ninth Symphony, 4th MovementGustav Mahler Rothko TempleMorton Feldman Prelude a l’Apres-midi d’un FaunClaude Debussy Symphony No. 2 2nd 5th 1st movement — Charles Ives


Invocations of MahakalaGyuto Multiphonic Choir

Monteverde’s Toccata


The Unanswered Question — Charles Ives

For friends, New Year’s, I made a few CD’s of this symphonic pizza and titled the work

3:27 a.m.

* Ansel Adams, introduction in “My Camera in the National Parks”, The Living Wilderness, Autumn 1950

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