Part 7 — FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR and DNA (1870)…PIONEER 10 & 11 (1973)


All URLs are linked.

Franco-Prussian War

1870 & 1871

We Are the Good Guys

four paintings


Dr. Frederich Miescher, “half-blind physician”

read, Adam Rutherford’s Creation — how science is reinventing itself, p. 136


Kaiser Wilhelm’s medal and portrait


Before 570 million years ago,
Life on earth was one-celled. Then,…

SPUTNIK — 1957

desktop Sputniks

desktop Sputniks

& Sputnik artifacts


Pravda quote, translated, October 5, 1957

Sputnik T-shirt & coffee mug

The Intergalatic Computer Network


JCR Licklider

“Lick” alone saw computers as joyous machines.
two papers by Licklider

I have stolen a lobby poster from a site that is usually active:

However, the link can connect you to other thumbnails. The shred will notice the difference on the American poster I used.

A film first released as Der Schweigende Stern (“The Silent Star”) and in Poland as Milczaca Gwiazda, First Spaceship on Venus.

First Space Ship on Venus

First Space Ship on Venus

PIONEER 10 (1972) & 11 (1973)

launch and Jupiter

launch & Jupiter photographs
NASA'S Pioneer 10
Message from Earth Sagan, Sagan, & Drake
scroll to bottom of page

Pioneer Art

credit: NASA/Ames Research Center

credit: NASA/Ames Research Center

artist unknown

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